Bake from Scratch Quick Breads 2018

Nothing should hold you back from baking bread from scratch, not even busy weeknights. Enter the quick bread, a mix-and-bake treasure for every baker. It’s a “no yeast, no problem” solution for days when you’re looking for a baking session on demand. In this collection of our all-time favorite quick bread recipes, we’re hitting on all of the classics and pumping up the volume on a few too, putting birthday cake and snickerdoodle twists on loaves and remixing the biscuit formula with goat cheese and browned butter. From indulgent muffins to sweet and savory scones, you’ll find all of your favorite breakfast picks. Try our one-bowl loaves you can serve for breakfast or dessert. Use those overripe bananas with our fun twists on my top throwback quick bread, banana bread. From an espresso and chocolate-swirled banana muffin to a gorgeous loaf with zucchini and whole bananas (our cover star!), you won’t want to miss this banana bread bonanza. Enjoy the simpler side of bread baking with these artisan quick breads.


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